Engineering and Planning
From simple applications up to complex platforms

  • Over 800 solar systems designed
  • Over 250 energy metering systems commissioned
  • 4 Major building automation systems developed

3D printing
Prototypes, artworks and functional products

  • Unique, personally designed 3D printer
  • Custom tailor made prints and solutions


Speciality imaging
Illustrations, animations and special effects for various media types

  • Nonlinear editing with 'on beat' precision
  • Combining 3D and MOCAP
  • Proficient in Adobe, Autodesk and open source alternatives suits

Cloud solutions, web design, portals, CRM systems and monitoring deployment

  • Various integrations performed for international organizations
  • Accompanying products from spec. stage, through monitoring, analytics and SEO
  • Keeping it lean and simple


Building automation systems
Certified EasyIO sedona developer, focused on energy efficiency plans

  • EasyIO Netherlands certified Sedona developer
  • Robust and high spec B.A.S that have proven themselves since 2013
  • MMI specialist focused on energy efficiency and user experience

Home automation
simplified solutions for every home with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

  • Field proven developments for home electricity and heating cost reduction
  • Cloud, B.A.S or closed circuit combinations
  • Tailor made solutions


Web and cloud solutions
for web and special applications

  • For web applications that require language flexibility like PHP, NodeJS, Python
  • Building automation IoT open source developments
  • User experience MMI design with Javascript, HTML and CSS

Computerised flow dynamics
Precision simulations and analytics

  • Preliminary testing for B.A.S systems and designs
  • Model comparisons for decision makers
  • Efficiency focused simulations


Energy efficiency and UX
Monitoring, control and automation systems

  • Field proven user experience models
  • Private and public sector applications for energy efficiency
  • open source tailored made customizaions by demand

Google Apps
Scripting and Spreadsheets automations

  • Automation and productivity specialist, especially when handling big data
  • Team cooperations and tight schedules that require team alignment methods